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Late Policy:

If you happen to be late, your session will still end at the booked time. Example: If you have a 1 hour session booked from 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM, and you do not show up until 5:30 PM, your session will still end at 6:00 PM. It would be unfair for me to be late to the following clients. Keep in mind you have 1 reschedule, as long as I am notified 72 hours BEFORE the start time. Deposits are non-refundable. 

Cancellation Policy:

You may cancel your session 72 hours BEFORE the start time, to qualify for ONE reschedule. Any rescheduled appointment after the first, will require a new deposit. Deposits are non-refundable. 

Payment Policy:

Deposits are due immediately after booking. For those that select manual payment for the deposit, I allow a 30 minute grace period to have the payment sent at the payment forms listed under each booking. If no payment is received within the 30 minutes, the booking is cancelled. 

The remaining balance is due 24 hours before the scheduled shoot time. There will be a link sent to the email used for booking, 48 hours before the shoot. This link is to collect the remaining balance. Failure to pay the remaining balance, will result in no photography services and a forfeit of the deposit. I do not accept half payments.

Turnaround Time:

There is a 10-15 business day turnaround time at max. I kindly ask that you allow me that time to edit and get your images/videos back to you. Do understand for prom, grad, and senior picture season, turn around time may vary as I am booked much more. I will inform on a case by case basis. As much as I would love to return edited images same day, I am NOT able too. There is a $175 rush fee if they are needed within 3 business days. 

Image Selection Policy: 

I will be sending a link to the email used to book the session within 72 hours, showing the unedited images from the shoot. If you have a balance due, the hours start after the final balance is paid. From there, you are to pick the images you want me to edit and send back to you. The amount of images you get to select, depends on the package you choose. The email will explain in more detail. 

Calling/Texting Policy:

You are free to text me at 615-999-8714, with any questions you may have. I do ask that calling be kept to a minimum as I am constantly working with clients. I do not accept bookings by text, you will have to book online using the pricing/book online tab. 

Parking Policy: 

If I am needed in a location where parking will cost, you, the client are responsible for the cost of said parking.

Sporting Events/Concerts:

If I am needed at a sporting event or concert that requires me to have a pass or ticket; You, the client, are responsible for the cost of said pass or ticket.

Coupon Codes:

Coupon codes are given at random and on a case by case basis. Coupon codes cannot be used on Headshots, Mini Sessions, Specials or Wedding Package 1. 


Q: How do I know if you are available for "said" date?

A: Please refer to the "Pricing/Book Online" tab and locate the date you need, to view available time slots.

Q: What are your prices? 

A: Please refer to the "Pricing/Book Online" tab to view pricing based on your needs. 

Q: Do you have a studio?

A: I rent a studio for those needing studio shots. Please check with me before booking so I can make sure it is open. Also, it is best that you book in advance as many people use it and may have it rented out the day you are needing.

Q: Do you have props? 

A: The studio has chairs and couches for rent. I have the mini chalkboards for you to customize but anything outside of that is the client's responsibility as most props are personal items. 

Q: Do I have to have props?

A: Absolutely not, but do understand props enhance your images and make room for creative magic. Lack of props may give you a boring experience. 

Q: What if I lose my pictures or do not download them before they delete from my personalized link?

A: There is a $50 re-upload fee. You may request this service under the "Pricing/Book Online" tab. This is not to be mean, but each uploaded album costs me money for storage purposes.

Q: Do you photoshop?

A: I will do REASONABLE photoshop edits. Examples include: If there is a hair of out place, or a tree branch appearing from behind you at a weird angle. I WILL NOT reshape bodies. 

Q: Do I get to keep all of my unedited photos? 

A: No, I never release unedited work. Someone could easily edit over it, and post it as theirs leading to copyright issues. You can always purchase additional images. DO NOT screenshot images from the website to post, that will also lead to copyright issues. 

Q: How do I get prints? 

A: Once you select your images for editing, I will send you a digital copy of them. From there, you have rights to get them printed at any location that does photo prints. Also, I upload them here to this website, and you can purchase them directly from this website and have them shipped to you.

Q: How are locations selected?

A: I allow you, the client, select the location. If you are having trouble doing so, I have no problem giving options, however, the final selection would need too come from you, the client. 

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